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The captain who had the wrong submarine

I’m a little tired tonight, but a nice tiredness.

Today I worked with a very small team: a plant manager and his 3 team leaders.

During the one-to-one interviews, several times I felt sadness in me: they are young, and already they have like resigned their commitment, and already they have lost a big part of their hope, and already they have renounced in some way their dignity!

So the day of the seminar, before starting all together, I said to the leader: “Which Plant Director do you want to become? That will be decided today, in front of your team”.

Then at the start of the seminar, I challenged the team: “without hope, is to renounce to Life”… We lived an extraordinary day all together! At the end of the seminar, their eyes were bright again.

I told them about the story of this submarine captain – David Marquet – that you may know. And so I went to find this video to send them. It is even better than what I remembered! Watch it until the END!